Highpointe Terraces is offering 49 spectacular view lots coming soon in the heart of Old Glenmore.
Contact Neufeld Jones Marshall now for a personal tour to select your new building site.

Disclosure Statements Now Available!

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Disclosure Statements Now Available!

Many of you pre-registered and have had a sneak peak at our disclosure statements and initial lot grading. This detailed information is now available for everyone to view!

We are getting VERY close now to being able to write contracts for lots!  Earthwork is continuing along at a brisk pace as winter can arrive at any time now, and we will be setting the final prices this week.

When you access the files, you will want to pay particular attention to the Disclosure Statement, Individual Lot Plans, Subdivision Plan, Design Guidelines, and Statutory Building Scheme as these will be the primary decision-making factors when considering your purchase.

Find all disclosure documents here: Dropbox Highpointe Disclosure 


Don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions. Also, since we don’t necessarily have your phone numbers, if you are seriously interested, please pass along your phone number by email so we can call if needed.